Welcome to the new site! We are PROUD to offer great services, a place online to host content remotely in the cloud, that is totally secure. We are partnered with some big industry names to ensure that all content is encrypted and anonymous! (think ____leaks)

We worked very hard on this site. Colby Miers really knocked it out of the park with this one. Shout-out to all our fans in the chat who sent Colby tons of cool white supremacist drawings and drew swastikas and stuff on his website drawing wall. MDE fans are a cut above the rest and our forum proves that.

Please set this site as your homepage because we have tons of cool updates headed your way, thanks to Download.com and our partners RealMedia, stormfront.org, and officer.com.

MDE.tv is proudly hosted on Pirate Bay servers and is impervious to DDoS attacks as well as government shut-down/surveillance. MDE.tv is proud to be another great Jewish Goldstein company, and supports Israel’s right to expand into other countries.

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